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Managing Directors

Mr. Amit Shah

Mr. Amit Shah is the founder and Managing Director of Mitatronics. He has 20 years of work experience in the field of Electronics Manufacturing. Mr Shah is also a director at Mohanlal & Company [A trading Organization specialized in Engineering Hardware Products]

He has a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering [With Specialization in Electronics Manufacturing] from the State University of New York in USA. He has worked as a Research Engineer at General Electric Company in the field of Computational fluid Dynamics, Thermal Management of Electronics and Electronics Reliability. He has also worked as an Engineer at Nortel Networks, USA.

He has authored Six international publications in the field of Thermal Management of Electronics, Lead free Soldering and Reliability of electronics.

During his work at General Electric Corporation, He has also been granted a patent for design of reliable under-hood electronics for automobiles.

Mr. Sumish Shah

Mr. Sumish Shah is a director at Mitatonics. He has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. Mr Sumish Shah is also the Managing Director at Mohanlal & Company [A trading Organization specialized in Engineering Hardware Products].

He has a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Mumbai.


Executive Team


Sandip Lawand
General Manager Operations


Sushil Ghatge
Accounts Manager


Ajaish Sehgal
Business Development Manager


Vaishali Rana
Sr. Manager Techno Commercial


Sunanda Mohite
Purchase Manager

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