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  • Mitatronics was conceived with the vision of providing contract manufacturing services to the growing electronic industry and has established its niche in the high mix-high tech medium volume space.
  • With our commendable and ever improving manufacturing infrastructure, Our customized product/process documentation system and well trained team, we are in a position to cater to manufacturing requirements for all kinds of complex and intricate electronics systems.
  • Our contract manufacturing services range from engineering design support, sourcing of bill of material, printed circuit board assemblies, wire harness, box build, conformal coating, testing, tooling, burn in and system integration.
  • Our product validations comply with the IPC guidelines and processes adhere to the ISO-9000 protocols.
  • We appreciate the regulatory and compliance requirements for all industries: from consumer electronics to defense electronics.
  • We have a well-established, strong and efficient supply chain for services from engineering design to component sourcing in India, USA, Europe and Asia.
  • With our robust network, we are in a position to offer support for all engineering services encompassing electronics product development and manufacturing under one roof.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies:

  • We have a commendable and ever growing and improving infrastructure to cater to most complex printed circuit board assemblies.
  • We are equipped technically and infrastructurally to handle:
    • Multi layer FR4 PCB’s to Polyamide based PCB’s
    • 0201 passives 16 mil fine pitch IC’s to QFN/LGA/BGA/CSP
    • PTH to Pressfit

Component Sourcing:

  • We have a very well established network for components sourcing In India as well as USA, Europe and Asia. Our supply chain is solid to provide 100% genuine goods and timely service and 100% traceability. Our IQC team is well trained to check for MSL, batch code and technical specifications for incoming goods. Our Network is also capable of sourcing components in non spq quantities.

Box Build and Wire Harness

  • We provide complete wire harness and box build services for Electronics systems.
  • Our in-house infrastructure and industrial partnerships are capable of automating most of the processes in wire harness for almost all industrial applications.
  • From wire cutting, tinning, crimping to harness testing we focus on automating most of the processes.
  • We have well equipped teams and capacity for box build of complete products.

Conformal Coating and Potting:

  • Conformal Coatings and Potting is required in electronics systems to prevent electronics from humidity, harsh acidic environments, dust, extreme temperature variations as well as infringement of intellectual property.
  • We can support conformal coating of printed circuit board assemblies with various coating materials: Industrial lacquer, acrylic, silicones, epoxy and urethane.
  • We have the equipments for thickness testing of conformal coatings as well the inspection of coating under Ultra Violet Light.

Testing and Burning of Electronics Systems.

  • Equipped with all basic tools and testing equipments for functional testing of printed circuit board assemblies
  • Programming tools for all generic micro controllers
  • Ability to develop customized test jigs for specific functional testing
  • Set up for power up and burning of multiple units for 12 to 72 hrs before ship out to customers

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